Mould in your Home or Building

Our Process - Test - Locate - Remediate.

Testing- We will test the home or business for mould issues using Swab samples and/ or Air Quality Testing.

Locate- In the event our lab finds the property to have a mould issue we use the latest equipment to find the source, Infrared thermal imaging camera, Moisture Detection tools and if needed our Mould Detection Dog.

Re-mediate- We are equipped to do small remediation jobs or complete homes or buildings, we will remove damaged wet, mouldy items, HEPA Vacuum the entire infected areas, Manually clean all surfaces and have the infected area(s) under negative air pressure using the latest HEPA air scrubbing equipment. Once the infected areas have been re-mediated final testing of the area will be completed and provide our clients with a full lab report.


After the Remediation process we inject Ozone gas into the infected areas, Ozone removes unwanted odours and is also known to kill Bacteria, Salmonella and Mould. No other Remediation company offers this service, plus there is no additional charge.

As you can imagine, it is difficult to show a video of how Ozone cleans surfaces, fabrics etc, but here it is used in the food industry to clean your food with it!

aq testing 1