Our process has been known to kill numerous types of viruses including previous versions of the corona virus.  Admittedly, treating the COVID-19 virus has yet to be proven for nearly every sanitizing products on the market.  We are relying on the several past versions of SARS, Bird Flu, and MERS to support the belief that previous sanitizing methods may also sanitize the COVID-19 virus. In light of the rampant onset of this new corona virus, many groups are using this treatment as a sanitizing process for face masks, clothing, and rooms to stay ahead of the crisis. This includes medical groups, fire and police departments, and support groups trying to recycle masks and clothing by frontline workers. Call for more information 519-572-7896


Ozone Shock Treatment

We inject Ozone gas into the infected areas, Ozone removes unwanted odours and is also known to kill Bacteria, Viruses, Salmonella and Mould. We are certified and insured.

As you can imagine, it is difficult to show a video of how Ozone disinfects surfaces, fabrics etc, but here it is used in the food industry to clean your food with it!


Cleaning with Disinfectents

Once the ozone process is completed our staff will disinfect high contact areas, door knobs, handles, toilets, faucets, etc. Our staff is IICRC certified for mould remediation, we are professional cleaners. You have trusted us with your mould issues and we will use our training and knowledge to help combat this new virus.



Coronaviruses are classified as “enveloped viruses”, which are typically more susceptible to “Physico-chemical challenges”. In other words, they don’t like being exposed to ozone.

Ozone destroys this type of virus by breaking through the outer shell into the core, resulting in damage to the viral RNA. Ozone can also damage the outer shell of the virus in a process called oxidation.

Put simply, exposing Coronaviruses to sufficient ozone dose (ppm x time) can result in them being 99% damaged or destroyed.


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What you need to know about our process

Please note, much like every other cleaning process we do NOT have any scientific test results as to whether or not Ozone will completely eliminate the Covid-19 virus. It is our belief that this process will greatly reduce the virus and reduce the risk to people working or living in the areas once our cleaning process is completed.  But......we currently have no way to test the results.

Who can use this process.

Our process is to be used in homes, apartments, offices, vehicles. Unlike typical manual cleaning which only works well on hard surfaces, ozone shock treatment will also penetrate into soft surfaces such as carpets, drapes, furnishes, clothing etc, and those places where manual cleaning is not possible e.g. furnace and duct work. Call us for pricing and any questions you may have.  519-572-7896


Are you moving during this trying time? This may be a great avenue to help reduce the risk of Covid19, have your new home Ozoned before you move in!

Moving forward

Please continue to follow our health care advisories. Together we can beat this virus and return to normal life, stay safe!