We are open during this critical time. Call us for cleaning services for your home or office to help fight the spread of Covid19.

Our process has been proven to kill numerous types of viruses including previous versions of the corona virus.  Admittedly, treating the COVID-19 virus has yet to be proven for nearly every sanitizing products on the market.  We are relying on the several past versions of SARS, Bird Flu, and MERS to support the belief that previous sanitizing methods may also sanitize the COVID-19 virus. In light of the rampant onset of this new corona virus, many groups are using this treatment as a sanitizing process for face masks, clothing, and rooms to stay ahead of the crisis. This includes medical groups, fire and police departments, and support groups trying to recycle masks and clothing by frontline workers. Call for more information 519-572-7896 More info click here.

Attic Mould Removal

Why remove the mould form your attic?

Selling your home? Mould stains in your attic can quickly scare away buyers. Remove the issue before the Home Inspector finds it. But more importantly our IICRC and Ontario Building code certified Technicians will find the cause of the mould issue.

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Mould Air Quality Testing & Infrared Thermal Imaging

Mould spores are floating in the air all around us everyday looking for a new source of food and moisture to start growing.
If you or anyone staying at the home or property and are suffering from cold like symptoms this may be from mould grow.
At first you might think you have a cold or allergies until the symptoms get worse.
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Mould Detection Dog

Onsite Inspection - After your home or building has been tested with our air quality equipment and has failed our mould dog and handler can visit the property to help locate the source, but more importantly, how to prevent mould from reoccurring, our handler is a REGISTERED/ MASTER INSPECTOR, IICRC WATER RESTORATION & APPLIED MICROBIAL REMEDIATION TECHNICIAN.

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Why Call Us? 519-572-7896

When hiring a Mould Remediation contractor it is important to choose a Certified IICRC- Applied Microbial Remediation Technician. Hiring an unqualified contractor can possibly lead to lender/ CMHC and or insurance coverage issues and possibly delay or prevent the sale of a property.

All Vehicles & Trailers are Unmarked,

We have found this has saved our clients from unwanted questions from neighbouring home and business owners.


Mould Remediation Home or Building

We are equipped to do small remediation jobs or complete homes or buildings, we will remove damaged wet, mouldy items, HEPA Vacuum the entire infected areas, Manually clean all surfaces and have the infected area(s) under negative air pressure using the latest HEPA air scrubbing equipment. Once the infected areas have been re-mediated final testing of the area will be completed and provide our clients with a full lab report.

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