Mould Removal (Attics)

  • Removal prices start from $400, then range to approximately $1 to $2 a square foot.
  • Mould Air Quality testing before and after Mould Stain Attic Removal , $150 (Lending companies often require this). Includes lab report.
  • Full PDF report of the issue causing mould $150. Completed by a IICRC AMRT certified and Registered/ Master Inspector trained in the Ontario Building Code. Sample report.
  • No charge 5 year transferable warranty. (Buyers, Realtors and Lending companies often require this).
  • Call or txt 519-572-7896 for a no charge, onsite quote. Contact us

IICRC- Water Restoration Technicians

IICRC- Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians.

Ontario Building Code Certified

Mould Prevention Tip.
As the colder seasons arrive the conditions are just right for growing mould in attic spaces. The most common issue we have found is leaking or disconnected bathroom vents. Warm moisture air entering the attic space will cause condensation on the roof decking, typically on the north east side of the attic space. Have a look in your attic space for any disconnected or leaking exhaust vents, in the winter you may also see frost on the roof sheathing. This is a great indicator of heat loss into the attic space. If frost or mould is present call us for a no charge onsite consultation.